Straumann stelt CADCAM-systeem open

Straumann opens its CADCAM system with CARES Visual 7.0

  6 maart 2012 - Straumann maakt vandaag bekend dat het zijn CADCAM-systeem open stelt. Hieronder treft u de originele tekst aan.

Basel, 6 March 2012 – Having presented its new dental design software, CARES Visual 7.0, at the recent Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Straumann has now begun the roll-out of this new system to CADCAM customers in Europe and North America. Like all Straumann software, ‘CARES Visual 7.0’ is designed to enhance user friendliness and versatility, but what distinguishes it most is that it ‘opens’ the Straumann CADCAM system by offering customers the possibility of producing prosthetic elements through third-party milling.

Using CARES Visual 7.0 customers can design prosthetic crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays etc. by computer and then route the design data to a milling process either in- or outside Straumann. The workflow inside Straumann is validated, seamless and offers one of the broadest ranges of materials and applications. Importantly, prosthetic restorations delivered through this process are covered by the Straumann guarantee.  

The choice to produce externally might be driven by special functional or material preferences that are not available through Straumann. Today many dental laboratories have to invest in multiple CADCAM systems in order to serve a mixed customer base with differing requirements. This places considerable economic and administrative burdens on the labs, which could be reduced through a single open system.

Dr Sandro Matter, Executive Vice President of Straumann’s Prosthetics Business Unit, commented: “Customers want state-of-the-art functional software that offers flexibility and full assurance of predictability and reliability. CARES Visual 7.0 meets these criteria and ensures Straumann quality. It means that labs can now invest in a CADCAM system without the fear of being locked in to a single manufacturer.”

CARES Visual 7.0 is available as an upgrade to customers with CARES Scan CS2 scanners and is installed in all new Straumann CARES systems delivered as of 1 March 2012.

Creating the open dental software platform of the future
Digital technologies are becoming widespread in dentistry and cover a broad spectrum of applications – from general practice-management to treatment planning, imaging, guided surgery, digital impression-taking, right through to computer-aided prosthetic design and manufacture. As digitalization grows, so too does the number of incompatible systems, making dental laboratories reluctant to invest in technology that might become obsolete or compromise flexibility. Software standardization – the precondition for open systems – would break this gridlock.

A year ago, Straumann and 3M ESPE – a pioneering leader in digital dentistry – joined forces with Dental Wings to create an open global standard software platform for use across a range of dental applications. The initiative is expected to offer enhanced flexibility, simplicity, and convenience for users, while saving time, costs and investment.

CARES Visual 7.0 has been developed on the open DWOS (Dental Wings Open Software) software platform, which – thanks to its scope, quality, and functionality – is positioned to become the future standard software solution in dentistry.




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